Tobacco Cessation Seminar
Posted on 11/28/2016
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Tobacco Cessation Seminar

seminar 1At Braceland Orthodontists we care about the health and well-being of our patients.

As such, in addition to always keeping up with the latest orthodontic treatments and technologies, our North Scarborough staff frequently works to better other aspects of our patient care techniques and health acumen. For example, last spring our entire staff participated in a CPR Update course that taught us the newest, safest practices for cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Most recently our orthodontic treatment team hosted a Continuing Education Seminar on the topic of “Tobacco Use and Smoking Cessation.” This “training the trainer” seminar was held on November 3, and was put on by nurses representing the Toronto Board of Health.

The Board of Health was established by the Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act. This board determines and sets public health policy and offers advice to the City Council on health-related issues and services. It is comprised of six citizen representatives, six councilors, and a nominee from the school board.

seminar 2“Tobacco Use and Smoking Cessation” was a great example of the board’s educational efforts. The Braceland Orthodontists’ team was proud to host this event and invite our neighboring dental offices to join in and benefit from the seminar as well. The 40 attendees (Braceland Orthodontists included) acquired a thorough background on the subject as well as tips that dental/orthodontic staffs can use to help their patients quit smoking.

Braceland Orthodontists is proud to have a team so dedicated to patient health. Our staff is a group of skilled, caring professionals that will help make your orthodontic treatment experience as pleasant as possible. To get started on orthodontic treatment with us, request an appointment online or contact us directly today.