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2021 CPR  Course

CPR Certified StaffBraceland Orthodontists is comprised of a team of skilled, experienced professionals dedicated to providing first-rate orthodontic treatment in a safe and state-of-the-art environment. Aside from applying the latest orthodontic treatments and techniques, our staff stays up-to-date with different aspects of advanced patient care, including CPR certification.

What is CPR?

CPR refers to Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. When the heart stops pumping blood, people experience cardiac arrest. CPR is an emergency way to treat this condition. With CPR, you can deliver a small amount of blood to the heart, allowing the brain and body to function until defibrillation can take place. It is a life-saving technique that all people can benefit from learning.

Who Requires CPR Certification?

Regular people, however, are not required to be CPR/First Aid certified, not like doctors or nurses. Many healthcare professionals, like the team at Braceland Orthodontists, are either required by law to be CPR certified or choose to do so for the welfare of their patients.

The Braceland Orthodontists Team

This March, the Braceland Orthodontists team at our North Scarborough office was recertified in CPR. We are proud to always do everything we can to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our patients! Contact us today for an appointment!

CPR Certified Staff CPR Certified Staff CPR Certified Staff


2022 Holiday Toy Drive

Toy Drive 2022


Braceland Orthodontists loves the holiday season. As part of this wonderful time of year, one of the traditions our staff partakes in is an annual toy drive held in our North Scarborough office.

This year marked our 25th Annual Holiday Toy Drive, and we are pleased to announce that the results were fantastic. Throughout the month of December our North Scarborough office collected over 75 toys for children in need. These items were donated to the Agincourt Community Services.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the toy drive for the generosity. At Braceland Orthodontists, we love working to help our patients smile brighter. And thanks to these terrific donations, this holiday season our patients and community have helped many other people smile brighter too!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday and a great new year,

The Team at Braceland Orthodontists