It’s never too early to set your child on the path to a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. At Braceland Orthodontists, Dr Bhavna Sharma treats patients of all ages for a variety of smile needs. However, in order to get a head start on healthy, happy smiles, our team recommends bringing your child in to our North Scarborough office for an early treatment assessment.

The Best Time for Beginning Treatment

By bringing your child in to our North Scarborough office for early orthodontic treatment, you are giving your orthodontist a chance to evaluate the state of your child’s mouth ahead of time, ascertaining what issues might develop later on and how to best counteract them now.

During this evaluation, Dr. Sharma will examine the bite and determine whether or not there will be enough room for the eruption of all remaining teeth. Additionally, she will look for other potential growth problems, correcting them before they become too serious. This will save you and your child time, pain, and money by preventing future orthodontic issues.

The Main Benefits

Early orthodontic treatment by a skilled orthodontist is beneficial to the overall development of your child’s smile. Some specific ways that early treatment can help are:

  • Ensuring room for crowded or un-erupted teeth
  • Lowering trauma-risk to possible protruding front teeth
  • Leading to a shorter treatment time with braces or Invisalign later on
  • Helping maintain facial symmetry during jaw growth
  • Lowering the risk of malocclusions

How Treatment Works

Early treatment can include preventive, interceptive, or modifying treatment. Orthodontic appliances may be placed in your child’s mouth to prevent a problem from occurring, correct an issue, or help direct jawbone growth. Multiple problems with tooth alignment, gums, jaws, and facial problems can be corrected within the course of early treatment.

Smiles That Last a Lifetime

Help you child put their best smile forward. Contact Braceland Orthodontists at our North Scarborough office today. Dr. Sharma and her team help children throughout the Greater Toronto Area prepare for a lifetime of beautiful smiles through effective and efficient early orthodontic treatment.