How to Tell If You’re Having an Orthodontic Emergency
Posted on 04/22/2019
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How to Tell If You’re Having an Orthodontic Emergency

Having braces or Invisilign takes a bit of getting used to at first, and a lot of care. You may heed all directions from your orthodontist and still experience minor aches and soreness, which is completely normal. There may come a time however, although rare, that you may actually experience an orthodontic emergency. But how do you know when it’s just regular pain or an emergency? Continue below to read a summary of some common orthodontic problems, learn if they’re emergencies or not, and discover how to treat them.

Common Orthodontic Problems

General Tooth Pain or Loosening

During orthodontic treatment it is normal for teeth to become slightly loosened as this just shows that they are moving. Some pain may result because of this movement. If it does, you can remedy the situation at home by using over-the-counter pain relievers to treat the minor soreness. You can also use a warm washcloth or heating pad on the outside of your jaw. A salt-water rinse may also help—just add one teaspoon of salt to an 8-ounce glass of water and rinse for 30 seconds, twice daily as needed.

Loose or Broken Brackets, Bands, or Wires

Eating sticky or hard foods with braces can often cause this issue. Just do not connect any elastics if the brackets or wires are loose. You can use orthodontic wax if they are irritating your mouth. Call Braceland Orthodontists in North Scarborough at (416) 497-2122 and we will schedule a visit to fix things up.

Misplaced or Poking Archwire, Brackets, or Ties

The archwire may begin poking the back of the mouth as teeth start to move. You can try shifting it with a non-irritating item like a Q-tip or pencil eraser. If you are still having issues moving the wire, you could cut it off with nail clippers (just make sure they are sterilized in alcohol beforehand) and do not hesitate to contact our North Scarborough office with questions on doing so.

Invisilign Tray Cracks

If your tray has cracked but is not completely split, you can continue to wear it as long as the shape is holding up. If the split is pretty bad and bending the aligner slightly cannot hold its shape then you should stop wearing the aligner as you will not get any benefits from it. You can contact us to get a replacement aligner from one of our offices.

True Orthodontic Emergencies

Although rare, three truly major dental and orthodontic emergencies to be aware of, that you can’t/shouldn’t treat at home and will require immediate professional attention, are:

  • Infection or swelling of the mouth, gums, or face
  • Injury or trauma to the mouth, teeth, or face
  • Severe discomfort or pain that seems unmanageable in the gums, teeth, mouth, or face

Contact Your North Scarborough Orthodontist!

If any of these orthodontic issues arise, you can seek help immediately from us at Braceland Orthodontists. In fact, if you have any questions at all you can always contact us by phone or email at our North Scarborough office and we will be more than happy to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Don’t fret if you have any issues with braces, as we are always here to assist you. We look forward to helping you keep that smile healthy and beautiful!