Our goal is to provide quality orthodontics at a fair fee! Without compromise!

After treatment options have been discussed and the final treatment plan has been agreed upon, fees and payment options will be reviewed. All fees will be presented before starting any proposed treatment. Convenient payment plans are arranged privately. Orthodontics is a tax-free service, and payment plans at Braceland Orthodontists are interest-free. Visa or MasterCard are accepted.

We will be glad to supply you with the proper insurance claim form, designed by the Canadian Association of Orthodontists with the approval of the insurance industry. While completion of a single form should satisfy any insurance requirements, we are always available to advise you on any insurance matter.

A Word about Insurance

Before your initial visit to Braceland Orthodontists, you may wish to call your insurance carrier in order to have some questions answered about your dental insurance coverage.

  1. Do you have orthodontic coverage?
  2. At what percent?
  3. Is there a maximum benefit?
  4. Up to what age do they cover a child?